Why Do We Recommend A Black Ridge Roof Vent For Every Project?

As a standing seam metal roofing contractor, you need quality products to make roofing installation efficient, easy, and high-quality.

To help with this process, SnapZ offers quality metal roof ridge vents that are efficient to install, save time and labor, and keep out critters and bad weather.

We offer this ridge vent in multiple colors, but we recommend our black vents for any roof, even if the main standing seam panels are not black.

This leads to a common question: Why does SnapZ recommend black roof vents for every project?

This is an excellent question, and one we answer in this blog post with 5 reasons.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Guaranteed 24 Business Hour Turnaround
  • 2. Reduce Project Waste
  • 3. Improve Roof Aesthetics
  • 4. Bulk Order to Save Money
  • 5. Quick Inventory Pulls

Guaranteed 24 Business Hour Turnaround

In the construction world, sometimes it’s challenging to have parts ahead of the project start date.

We get it - your project schedule suddenly changes, a shipment gets re-routed, you had to pull parts for another project, or you simply forgot to order parts.

Whatever the reason, we want you to have your standing seam roof vents as quickly as possible.

To provide this service to our roofers and suppliers, we keep a large inventory of black roof vents in stock.

This stock allows us to guarantee a 24-hour business turnaround on all black roof vent orders!

If you call in an order for our black roof vents, we guarantee the products will be shipped in 24 business hours. This allows you to start installing the roof panels, and when you are ready for the roof vent, they should be delivered and ready for installation.

Snap-Z offers speedy shipping on all black roof vents

Reduce Project Waste

One of the annoying aspects of construction is having a few parts or pieces left over from a job.

Depending on your supplier, you might be able to return the parts for some credit. This is pretty uncommon, however, and you often end up taking the extra pieces to your shop or warehouse.

And we know the rest of the story, don’t we?

We tell ourselves we will use them sometime, but they end up collecting dust and taking up space for several months until we finally use them or throw them out.

With roof vents, if your crew uses black vents consistently on metal roofing jobs, you avoid this problem with your extra parts.

Instead of having multiple colors of roof vents in your warehouse, using only black vents allows you to keep the extra pieces knowing you will use them in an upcoming job.

Make your warehouse more efficient and reduce your waste by using only black ridge roof vents for your projects!

Become more efficient by stocking just one color of ridge vent

Improve Roof Aesthetics

A common objection we hear about using black roof ridge vents with non-black standing seam panels is that the project won’t look correct when finished.

What keeps the black vents from looking out of place on the finished roofing project?

First, because the ridge vent is typically 1-2” high, it is not a prominent part of the roof and is difficult to see depending on the roof’s size and pitch.

And second, if the ridge vent is visible, it doesn’t look out of place. Insteadit provides a complementary aesthetic and looks like a crisp shadow line on the roof’s peak.

a black ridge vent provides a crisp shadow line on the roof's peak

Bulk Order to Save Money

SnapZ offers job-specific orders and shipping for contractors and roofing projects. And while this helps with the parts ordering, it is not usually the cheapest or most efficient shipping method.

Instead, if you want better pricing on the product and shipping, contractors can place bulk orders and keep the product in-stock in their warehouses.

Compared to some products, roof vents don’t take a lot of space and are easily stored on pallet racks. If you have a truck or a trailer, they are also easily transported to the job from your warehouse.

If you have a warehouse with available storage space, contact SnapZ or your dealer about buying black roof vents in bulk to save on parts and shipping.

bulk order and save money on ridge vent

Quick Inventory Pulls

We’ve all experienced it on the job - as we get close to the end of a specific phase of the project, we realize we are short a few parts.

Maybe we measured wrong, some parts broke during shipping, or something got mixed up in the order. Whatever the cause, we are short a few parts and need them ASAP to finish this phase.

When it comes to standing seam ridge vents, there is a simple fix to this.

We have already discussed keeping an inventory at your warehouse for better pricing and a place to store spare parts. If you have this inventory to pull from, you can quickly get the roof vents you need.

Not only does this allow you to keep working on the job as scheduled, but it also saves you the higher shipping costs of overnighting or rushing the shipment.

black ridge roof vent

While SnapZ offers several colors of our standing seam metal ridge vent, we highly encourage contractors to use black for the majority of your projects.

To learn more about our metal roof ridge vent products or the benefits of using SnapZ, please contact us at SnapZ or talk to your local roofing supplier.

We look forward to serving you with an efficient and no-hassle ridge vent!

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