About Us

The Snap-Z metal ridge vent was created in 2014 when a roofer came to Snap-Z’s parent company, Glick Metals, with a request.

Could Glick Metals make a ridge vent for standing seam roofs that was more durable, easier to install, and provided better attic ventilation than the available hidden fastener vents on the market?

The team at Glick Metals understood the challenge: Many hidden fastener ventilation products didn’t stand the test of time or took too long to install.

So what did the Glick Metal’s team do?

They accepted the challenge!

In 2015, the Snap-Z ridge vent became an official product line of Glick Metals. 

Since then, different sizes have been designed, but the main design remains the same - a durable standing seam roof vent that makes metal roofing ventilation easier by:

  • Coming pre-cut, pre-punched, and with pre-applied butyl tape
  • A wire mesh that keeps critters and rain out of the attic for the long-term
  • Faster and easier to install for increased productivity
  • Providing long-term proper attic ventilation

Since its start in 2015, the Snap-Z product line has been used and trusted by thousands of roofers and roofing distributors.

The Snap-Z and Glick Metal team remain focused on one thing: Following the commands of Jesus Christ by treating every roofer and distributor the way they would want to be treated.

As a result of their quality customer service and standing fully behind their products, Snap-Z has been trusted by thousands of metal roofers and dealers since 2015.

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We make metal roof ventilation easy:



Give us the details for your roof ridge, including the inside measurements of your panels.



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