Critter Issues With Your Metal Ridge Vent? You Need SnapZ!

As a metal roofing contractor, you probably hear the following question: “How is your roof install going to keep critters out of my roof and attic?”

It doesn’t matter if you are installing a metal roof on a business or home, no one wants to see or hear critters getting into their roof and ceiling!

There are vent and seam options available for standing seam roofing to prevent critters, but many of them are time-consuming to install, not 100% fool-proof, or poor quality.

Sadly, this makes your job less efficient, and it often results in callbacks and unhappy customers.

At SnapZ we developed a standing seam metal roof ridge vent designed to keep out every critter for the life of the roof! We also made it easy for your crew to install quickly.

So, how is the SnapZ standing seam ridge vent designed to keep out critters?

Let’s take a look!

Table of Contents

  • 1. No Exposed Foam in the Vent
  • 2. Efficient and Pre-cut Vent
  • 3. Say Goodbye to Critter Issues

No Exposed Foam in the Vent

One of the most significant issues with many metal roof vents is that critters have or find access to the sealing foam.

When this foam is exposed, two of the biggest critter issues on the roof - birds and bats - can peck at the foam and eventually destroy or remove it. This gives them access to the attic, and the problems begin.

How does SnapZ solve this issue?

Our metal ridge vents include fire-resistant foam, and this foam is protected from critters with a metal mesh. This metal mesh completely seals the perforated roof vent weather and critters - without exposing the foam to bird and bat access.

What is the result?

A metal roof vent where critters cannot access the foam and therefore don’t gain access to the ceiling and attic!

good ridge vent foam is protected from critters with a metal mesh

Efficient and Pre-cut Vent

Many roof vents take additional crew time to make them critter-proof. They are inefficient by requiring additional cutting and foam application on the job site.

One of the goals of the SnapZ vent is not only to be critter-proof, but also to come pre-cut, pre-punched, and ready to install.

No more messing around with foam, caulk, cutting, drilling holes, or critter-proofing the vent. Instead, you can have the ridge vent delivered to your job 100% critter-proof and completely ready to install!

Not only does this save time and make the job go faster, but it also saves scraps and wasted materials.

Your crew will love the speed of the roof vent installation, you will love the labor savings, and your customers will love not having critters in the attic!

get a ridge vent that is pre-cut, pre-punched, and ready to install

Say Goodbye to Critter Issues

Once the SnapZ ridge vent is installed, say goodby to critter issues and the callbacks originating from this issue.

It doesn’t matter if they are birds, bats, or rodents - they won’t be accessing the attic from the roof vent when you use SnapZ!

What are the most common issues a reliable, critter-proof roof vent solves?

  • No more noises and scratching in the attic or ceiling.

  • No more extra dust or dirt in the attic.

  • Have peace of mind knowing your walls, wires, etc. are safe and not being chewed

  • No more droppings or dung in the attic. In fact, bat and bird droppings are associated with various diseases, including diseases similar to fungus and mold.

  • No more bat colonies when they don’t have access to the ceiling or attic.


Give your clients the protection from critters and the peace of mind they deserve from a quality roof installation using quality parts!

know your attic is safe from critters with a quality ridge vent

When it comes to being the trusted metal roofing contractor in your area, you need the tools and products that make your team efficient and safe while producing quality roof installations.

Part of roofing efficiency is using a metal ridge vent that is easy to install and doesn’t require extra cutting or foam to be critter-proof.

The team at SnapZ is dedicated to providing the quality metal roof vent that you, your crew, and your customers need.

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We look forward to making your metal roofing installations safer, critter-proof, and more efficient. Contact us to get a quote today!

reduce callbacks with a quality ridge roof vent

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